Boston (Basketballing Community); Bill Russell

imgresBill Russell is a civil rights pioneer; he may have never kicked a soccer ball for all I know.  However, an amazing member of the Basketballing Community can open the eyes of the Footballing Community to one of the real powers of sport.  Sport has the ability to affect a community’s attitude toward race; racist attitudes/equality issues change through time both for the betterment and/or degradation of society.  Sport icons, and even the lowly local “pick-up” player, living  a life of conscious social justice work (thinking and action) will bring tangible change to community.  We might not all have a statue erected in our honor, but we can manifest change in our community.

Below is an article written by Dave Zirin.  The article is a wonderful story about how a man has seen a city change its tone.  It is inspirational for anyone that sees sport as a means to change society, or at least changing attitudes about sportsmen as a reflection of how a society can/has chang(ed).  A city, Boston, learned to embrace a player and at least change the worst attributes of their attitude toward him and maybe even race. SLAM ONLINE | » Boston Marathon.




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