Nike; Dare to be Brazilian


Thiago Silva (PSG), Bernard (Shakhtar Donetsk) and Paulinho (Tottenham) join national-team teammates Neymar (Barcelona) and Luiz (Chelsea) in the new Nike “Dare to be Brasilian” ad campaign.  

The campaign pays homage to Brazil’s history.  Thiago Silva slide-tackles with style, both in dress and form, in an early 1900’s cobblestone courtyard; scenes from the Maracana to beach and dirt fields are used to showcase the diversity of playing surfaces traditionally utilized in Brazil.

Brazilian national team manager Luiz Felipe Scolari makes and appearance “over-coaching” a boyhood representation of Chelsea star Luiz.  This is really unfortunate, “over-coaching” is reinforced with humor and branded with the Brazilian National Team coach and NIKE.  Over-coaching is bad and needs weeded out of coaching legacy not put side by side with Brazil and NIKE, but I digress.   Additionally, the jolly  one, Ronaldo makes a minor appearances watching on as a spectator, as Paulinho dices defenders on a dirt field.  I feel like they should put a Santa hat on Ronaldo, he is so jolly.

Brazil is pitted against a curiously “Urugentine” looking opponent.  The baby blue colored coupled with one-lone-white-off-center-vertical-stripe, hints of an opponent what is a curious manifestation of Argentina and Uruguay.  I was really turned off by Puma’s El Fantasma del 50  campaign and how it seemed to taunt the Brazilians.  

Is Nike predicting a  FIFA draw on Friday (Dec 6, 2013), where Brazil will have a path with Argentina and Uruguay  between them and the 2014 FIFA World Cup.   It sure would be a great storyline.  

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